senior trader for an established sport betting company in their brighton office

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Norway and Serbia meet for the first time since for this crucial qualifier. Read on for all our free predictions and betting tips. Serbia meanwhile, lost only two of their last 13 on the road, drawing four of their most recent seven games on their travels since October

Senior trader for an established sport betting company in their brighton office sport betting explained

Senior trader for an established sport betting company in their brighton office

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BettingJobs are working with an award winning B2B casino games provider, they have 5 studios based across Europe and Asia. They are searching for an Information Security Officer to join their team in Bettingjobs are working with a very established and successful operator who have opened up a new role in their Front End team.

Please note that Angula Irrespective of your location, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch and one of our experienced team members will be in contact promptly. This website uses cookies. Read our cookie policy for more information. By continuing to browse this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Login Register. Narrow by: Job Type Permanent Starlizard represented a shift away from taking bets into advising on them. The company is a consultancy that offers proprietary odds analysis to rich clients looking to make smart, high-stakes bets.

These high-rollers then use Starlizard's internally generated odds to identify "value" bets — instances in which the retail bookmaking market has underestimated or overestimated a team. In these cases, the risk-reward ratio is swayed in the bettor's favour. An employee of Starlizard's rival Smartodds told The Guardian in : "We're not trying to say this is going to happen, we're trying to say this will happen with a certain probability. If our probabilities are better than those of the bookmakers, then, in the long run, our clients will win money.

Starlizard's discreet Camden headquarters. Google Maps Starlizard specialises in estimates tailored for the Asian handicap market — Bloom's favourite — by calculating what it sees as the most likely scoreline for any given football match. This is crucial, as the handicap rests on the favourite scoring a certain number of goals. Bloom is not listed as a director of Starlizard, but several of his key lieutenants are: Steven Edery, described by former employees as Bloom's right-hand man; Marc Sugarman, a former Citigroup equity analyst who is also on Brighton's board ; and Adam Franks, a chartered accountant who knows Bloom from his Manchester University days and who is finance director for all of Bloom's businesses.

Franks is also on the Brighton board. Everyone Business Insider talked to within the industry and who had worked at the company said that d espite not appearing on the paperwork, B loom was in charge. It's unclear why Bloom is not a director. He even keeps an apartment in the same building as Starlizard's Camden offices, according to one former employee. About the same time that Starlizard was created, Bloom established a gambling syndicate, a group of close associates who would pool their money together to make high-stakes sports bets.

By increasing the available pot of betting money, the group maximises potential winnings. Bloom runs the syndicate and is believed to provide the vast majority of the bankroll. But former employees and industry insiders spoke of Starlizard and Bloom's syndicate as one and the same, and they say Starlizard spends most of its time dealing with Bloom's syndicate. In essence, the company is Bloom's gambling money manager.

Starlizard and Bloom declined to comment on these specific claims. Starlizard's latest accounts, made up to June , say the business is "diversifying revenue streams in order to reduce the risk of overreliance on a particular client.

While it's unclear why Bloom is not a director of Starlizard, it is clear why he set up the company. Bloom acknowledged in Michael Atherton's book that he had "an addictive personality," saying: "At university I made myself a promise that I would become fiercely disciplined. I wanted to gamble because I enjoyed it and therefore I needed to do it properly in order to win.

I didn't want to lose my money. Starlizard allowed Bloom's syndicate to make cold, calculated decisions about where to stake cash, separating the decision-making from the money and making it as mathematical as possible — no gut feelings. Starlizard helped pioneer a new, corporate approach to professional gambling, more closely resembling an investment bank or hedge fund than a bookmaker. About workers spend their days crunching statistics, building computer models, and doing huge deals on the other side of the world.

Some are fresh out of university, but ages range right up to the mids. The mix of genders and races is diverse — all that matters is a razor-sharp understanding of the betting market and a head for statistics. The company is split into four teams, each performing a specific role in the generation of odds. One generates data, another crunches that data into odds, a third decides which bets to take based on those odds, and a fourth places those bets on behalf of clients with bookmakers in Asia.

Starlizard's football researchers generate internal data on a team's form while watching matches. They do this by watching matches and recording things like goal-scoring opportunities or shots on target. A former employee says: "If a game was but the home team had missed a penalty, the best scoreline to go back into a predictive model would be something like 0.

If a team missed a penalty and had, say, two shots where they hit the woodwork, they probably deserved to win. These researchers also make it their business to get as close as possible to the action, speaking to a network of contacts that includes journalists and league experts. Their aim is to get as much information on things like morale, form, team sheets, and training as possible. A former employee told Business Insider: "Every aspect of football that you could think of was taken into consideration.

I guess that's why they're so good at what they do. The weather, morale, anyone related to the club, [they] would be analysed under the microscope. It was pretty impressive. The data generated by Starlizard's researchers is plugged into a highly complex statistical computer model, built by another team, the "quants. These quants are based in a separate office, out in Exeter, and spend their days building and maintaining an algorithm that not only pulls together all of the data points, but also decides the right weighting for each.

Speaking about his gambling philosophy in general, Bloom told The Times in : "A lot of otherwise good gamblers may read too much into injuries. Sometimes the odds can get too skewed because one or two players are out. When I analyse situations, I don't want to go overboard on one side. The computer model is tweaked nearly constantly, according to former employees, and it uses statistical models to predict the likelihood of every possible scoreline.

It then churns out what it sees as the most accurate handicap for the match — Leicester at 1. The odds generated in Exeter are passed back to the Camden office, where a team of "selectors" reviews them. This smaller team — about 20 people — operates like the traders in a bank.

It tries to identify mispriced bets in the retail market, based on the team's internal odds, and decide just how much to stake on behalf of Bloom and other clients. These decisions are relayed to bet placers, the fourth team. As well as paying for access to Starlizard's proprietary odds, clients are paying for access to its black book of contacts in markets like China, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Starlizard's odds are tailored to these markets, but it can be difficult to access Asian bookmakers unless you know the right people. Bet placers operate like brokers, placing bets on behalf of clients. But the bet placers themselves work through a series of brokers in Asia, contacting them over the phone or using online messaging tools.

Working this way helps Starlizard obscure its presence in the market — the company is now well known in Asian betting, and knowledge of its ordering a bet would move the odds. They do as much as possible to not let others know about their position. But what I can see is the market moved and that signals one of the big syndicates made a move.

Especially on match day, you know it's the big boys playing. A Hong Kong man seen after placing a bet on a soccer match at the Hong Kong Jockey Club off-course betting centre on the first day of legalised soccer betting in Hong Kong, August 1, Some are even more clandestine than Starlizard, as they are involved in match-fixing. This is an anathema to Starlizard's approach, which depends on as clean a game as possible to let the statistics come good.

There is no suggestion of any legal wrongdoing in Starlizard's operations. Starlizard will typically place bets as close to match day as possible to guard against any new information that could move against them — an injury to a key player in training, for example. A Premier League match will create the most liquid pool of bets. Placing bets of this size without skewing the odds would be near impossible in Europe, but in Asia — one of the most liquid gambling markets in the world — it can go undetected.

A former employee says, "Wherever there's football, they're betting on it. Bloom's syndicate and Starlizard don't place any bets on Brighton, given Bloom and other directors' roles at the club. Leagues as esoteric as Japan, Turkey, and Australia are closely studied to find value bets. Stringers in these markets will feed back information on things like form and likely team sheets.

Cricket is also bet on, though to a lesser extent. Starlizard bets on leagues around the world, not just in the UK. The downside to this extensive approach, a former employee says, is that "someone has to be in the office betting on it. That's because if things appear to be going the syndicate's way, Starlizard will make additional bets during the match on behalf of its client, doubling down to increase the potential winnings. Weekends are a write-off for staff too, as that's when most football is played.

It is frowned upon to be out of the office on Saturday and Sunday. Bloom and other directors are not afraid to spend money to keep their staff happy and the offices are kitted out with the type of luxuries you'd find at Goldman Sachs or Google. Behind the Icework's smoked-glass windows there's a free gym with changing rooms, a steam room, and showers; a full kitchen offering free food; and a games room with pool tables and darts. The company maintains a box at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge stadium, according to former employees, as well as boxes at other top Premier League clubs.

Employees get to visit. One former employee remembers the whole company being packed up on coaches and taken down to the Amex Stadium, the 30,capacity home ground of Bloom's Brighton. Brighton's Amex stadium. Commentators were on hand, and Sky Sports' cameras, usually stationed for league games, were drafted into use. Everyone went home with a DVD of the day's action. On quieter days in the office, the atmosphere is relaxed, with one former employee saying workers could leave to play sports in the middle of the day with no bother.

And management ensures there are regular treats to keep everyone sweet. One former employee described spending on staff parties as "obscene. On these occasions, free drinks flow all night. Camden, the birthplace of punk and home of Amy Winehouse, feels as if it has a pub on every corner, and former Starlizard workers say they would often socialise in the area after-hours.

The quants who maintained the odds algorithm also made what they would in a similar role at a bank. But after new arrivals pass their probation, former employees told Business Insider, they are called into finance director Adam Franks' office and offered what amounts to a golden ticket: a stake in Bloom's syndicate.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a share of the winnings of one of the most, if not the most, successful sports bettor in the world. The payouts depend on how big an employee's stake — dubbed "stars" — in the syndicate is. Best of all, when Starlizard workers are invited to join the syndicate, they don't even have to put any money in; they just get a stake of the winnings as if it were a bonus.

And because it's gambling winnings, the money is tax-exempt under UK law. If results go the syndicate's way, Starlizard workers who are in on the syndicate are in line for big payouts. If the free payouts sound too good to be true, however, it is because they are. As well as being in line for any winnings, those who opt in to the syndicate are also on the hook for any losses. If there is a losing run, the staff has to help top up the gambling pot. But losses are rare. A former employee who was with the company for most of its year existence recalled just one significant period of losses.

Yes, the syndicate may have a run of losing bets. But across the year, Starlizard almost always came out on top, and the irregularity of repayments meant people were shielded. An employee at one of the High Street bookmakers who declined to be named told Business Insider, "They don't beat the market all the time, just enough times.

It's worth dwelling on that for a second — just one period of losses across almost 10 years. That's a stunning record. Gambling is a losing game in which the bookmaker always comes out on top. For ordinary bettors who put a few quid on a match, it's essentially a tax on people who don't understand the laws of probability.

But Bloom and his team have managed to build a statistical model that has allowed them to consistently beat the market for the best part of a decade. As a result of these regular payouts, many employees stay at Starlizard for a long time. Stints of five years or more are not unusual. A former employee adds: "Once you're in there, it's very hard to work anywhere else. The skill set for some of the jobs there is so specific to that industry.

You have to start again almost if you want to work somewhere else. Recruitment is relatively rare, and when new workers are brought in, they know little about what the company actually does. Interviewees are pulled through a network of recruiters who know little about the business — one ex-staffer remembers being quizzed about what Starlizard did by the recruiter who had referred him. Once in, employees are bound by a strict code of secrecy about what it is they do.

They can't have Twitter profiles and are made to sign strict nondisclosure agreements. They can tell people whom they work for, though some are even reluctant to do that. The potential returns would diminish, making the risk not as attractive. A former employee adds: "If Tony Bloom is making something a value bet this weekend, the likelihood is it'll be a value bet next weekend too.

Bloom has good reason to fear leaks. In the early days of the syndicate, insiders were filling their pockets at the expense of the company. Several former employees confirmed to Business Insider that early employees would front-run the syndicate, placing personal bets on teams when they knew Starlizard was making a value bet that week.

That eroded the company's advantage by skewing the odds. The problem was rife, with one former employee saying, "People treated it like MPs treated expenses. To combat this problem, Starlizard barred employees from placing personal bets and broke up the business' operations to limit information sharing. In the Camden offices, security is tight.

Building passes will allow you to get into only certain floors, similar to an investment bank.


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Love Mondays by finding your ideal Betting job on now. Mandarin Speaking Sports Betting Trader Location: Birmingham or Wolverhampton Salary: An online betting and gaming company who are moving all of their senior leadership With Offices based in London, Switzerland and Malta-. Sports Trader. Goodwin Racing Ltd. Uckfield TN22 1QQ. £23, - £27, a year. The ideal candidate will have betting experience and excellent customer. Customer Service Agent - Danish Speaker (Office or Home Based). Panserve Limited Brighton•Remote. £19, a year. 30+ days ago.