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Winning spread betting strategies pdf reader

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By Malcolm Pryor.

Cryptocurrency pictures of horses Spread betting is growing rapidly. Spread betting is a leveraged product see below enabling spread bettors to take positions many betting pk meaning the size of their account. Each time the stop is moved risk is reduced and, once in profit, more and more of the profit is locked in. All rights reserved; no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise without the prior written permission of the Publisher. Planetary 2 Library.
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Winning spread betting strategies pdf reader Low transaction costs No stamp duty and no commissions! Rather, the book has been written for people who want to have a serious go at spread betting, managing costs and risks, and who recognise that it will take some skill and effort. In my view people who have to borrow to fund the account in the first place run the risk both of over trading and of getting themselves into unacceptable levels of debt. Spread betting firms do sometimes offer credit facilities. Here there is no simple one-fits-all solution; it will depend on the length of trades being considered, which point in the last period is selected, the type of system, user preferences and It takes a lot of the risk and hassle out of trading and. Stock, option, futures, and Forex trading.
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Nfl betting line over under Getting to Base Camp means we will have the requisite background knowledge and resources to start spread betting. Do we want the average of the true range of 5 periods, or of 10 periods or of 14 periods, etc? In this case the size of the gap is also factored in to the calculation. By using both fundamental and technical market analysis, you are able to get a better understanding. Over time the volatility of each instrument thus measured will vary. However, you will generally find the spreads in spread betting are higher, offsetting some of the advantages regarding stamp duty and commissions. Malcolm shows how a trader can use a variety of 7 different strategies to make money during any market type.

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Who's the more successful trader? The answer seems to be Mike, but that might not be the case. Structuring your bets with favorable profit levels can be a game-changer. Spread betting often concerns the price moves of an underlying asset, such as a market index. Active spread bettors like news traders often choose assets that are highly sensitive to news items and place bets according to a structured trading plan.

For example, news about a nation's central bank making an interest-rate change will quickly reverberate through bonds, stock indices, and other assets. Another ideal example is a listed company awaiting the results of a major project bidding. Whether the company wins or loses the bid means a stock price swing in either direction, with spread bettors taking positions based on both outcomes.

Arbitrage opportunities are rare in spread betting, but traders can find a few in some illiquid instruments. For example, say a lowly tracked index is currently at value One spread-betting firm is offering a bid-ask spread of for the closing price, while another offers a spread. However, such arbitrage opportunities are rare and depend on spread bettors detecting a pricing anomaly in multiple spread betting firms and then acting in a timely manner before the spreads align.

The high profit potential of spread betting is matched by its serious risks: the move of just a few points means a significant profit or loss. Traders should only attempt spread betting after they've gained sufficient market experience, know the right assets to choose, and have perfected their timing. Long-Arm Regulatory Risk.

Government of the U. City Index by Gain Capital. Hedge Funds Investing. Trading Instruments. Your Money. Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. Table of Contents Expand. What Is Spread Betting? Technical Analysis Strategies. Spread Betting Around Corporate Actions. Structuring Entry and Exit. News-Based Strategies. Arbitrage Opportunities. The Bottom Line. Key Takeaways Spread betting lets people speculate on the direction of a financial market or other activity without actually owning the underlying security; they simply bet on its price movement.

Nonetheless, Pryor does a fantastic job of explaining the pros, cons, and potential pitfalls associated with all his methods. While some readers might find that the author's approach requires patience, you'll be rewarded handsomely when you embrace his measured methods. As Pryor notes:. There are two common misunderstandings about spread betting, one being that it is just gambling, the other that it is just for the short term There are of course those who treat spread betting in much the same way as a trip to the casino or the race track, with, for the most part, similar results — but this book is not for them.

However, all of Winning Spread Betting Strategies is a veritable delight for potential spread bettors looking for tools to help guide them towards success.


In my view people who have to borrow to fund the account in the first place run the risk both of over trading and of getting themselves into unacceptable levels of debt. You can bet on commodities, interest rates, bonds, stocks, indices and currencies — all of which can be traded from the one account. You can bet on stocks falling in price. With spread betting, shorting is as easy as going long. Shorting is not a natural activity for many new traders, but trading without shorting is like trading with one hand tied behind your back.

No stamp duty and no commissions! These costs can really mount up if you actively trade the underlying instruments direct. However, you will generally find the spreads in spread betting are higher, offsetting some of the advantages regarding stamp duty and commissions. With most firms you can bet on, say, a US stock in pounds per point rather than dollars per point. Most spread betting firms have invested heavily in their trading platforms, which offer sophisticated risk and account management tools, charting, analysis and news as part of the service.

Spread betting can offer extreme leverage. Let's take BHP Billiton as an example, with the stock trading at p. But with such leverage comes high risk, which is one of the topics we look at later. Recent developments in sports betting are now starting to spill over into the financial spread betting world.

In sports betting there are three ways to bet:. In the financial arena, betting exchanges haven't as yet taken off, but I predict they will do one day; fixed odds betting is firmly established, in two forms: binary betting; and the innovative range of products offered by firms such as betonmarkets. We do look briefly at betting exchanges, and the two forms of fixed odds betting, but the primary focus of this book is standard financial spread betting.

Spread betting is growing rapidly. One recent estimate put the number of customers at between a quarter and half a million, with expected growth to in excess of one million over the next 5 years. You can peer at the Summit of the Spread Betting Mountain in the distance and dream of riches, but if you spread bet without knowing what you are doing you will be like a climber setting off to climb a mountain with no preparation, no protective clothing, no equipment and no guide.

If we want to climb the mountain called Spread Betting, our first task is to reach Base Camp. Getting to Base Camp means we will have the requisite background knowledge and resources to start spread betting. More specifically, we will know how to select a spread betting firm; we will have identified the resources we need by way of hardware, software, price data, information and websites. We will have formed a view on what underlying instruments we wish to bet on, and have an understanding of the various spread betting products on the market.

We will have respect. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Find your next favorite book Become a member today and read free for 30 days Start your free 30 days.

Create a List. Download to App. Ratings: Rating: 4. Length: pages 3 hours. Description Financial spread betting is a huge industry. But who wins and who loses at this game? What do the winners do that differs from the losers? That is what this book is about. Malcolm Pryor uses the model of climbing a mountain to explain a disciplined, winning approach to spread betting.

First a base camp must be established. This includes getting set up with the right corporate data, charting and accounts software, deciding what to bet on and what your time frame should be, learning the nuances of operating an account, controlling risk, and learning from other people's mistakes.

Many spread bettors don't even get this far. Next, we start climbing the mountain; this means having strategies that are right for us. The whole of this section is devoted to illustrating strategies which can be used for spread betting, for example trend following, counter-trend strategies and delta-neutral strategies such as pairs trading.

Finally, we make our assault on the summit of the mountain. This is where the winners set themselves apart from the losers. Issues covered here include trade planning, record keeping, performance reviews, more on risk management, psychology and continual development. In this enhanced second edition, you also benefit from: - Refreshed and improved trading and risk management techniques, incorporating four additional years of spread betting experience and changes in the markets.

Spread betting is great fun; almost anyone can enjoy the odd bet now and again. But if you want to make money from spread betting then it must be taken seriously and a disciplined, tactical approach is required.

This book is the essential guide to get to the top of the mountain. Personal Finance. Home Books Personal Finance. About the author. He is a director of a consultancy practice, and is an expert at several games, including bridge where he has held the rank of Grandmaster for over a decade.

Related authors. Related Categories. Second edition published This eBook edition Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. For Karen Preface to the Edition Major changes in the spread betting arena It is four years since the first edition of this book was published and there have been some major changes in the spread betting arena. Here are some of them: The number of firms offering spread betting services has increased significantly to well over 50, partly due to the proliferation of white label services where an established firm licenses its technology to another firm which then repackages the services under their own brand name.

Some unacceptable practices, such as the infamous requoting of prices, have been discontinued. Key changes in the Edition There are quite a few changes in this second edition, partly due to the changes in the spread betting world discussed above, and partly due to new developments in my own trading. Changes in Part One Sections on computer hardware updated to reflect recent developments in technology Sections on price data updated to reflect improvements in the quality of data supplied by the spread betting firms www.

The song remains the same Spread betting continues to attract new entrants both in terms of new firms supplying spread betting services and new customers. What this book covers This is a book about financial spread betting. What do successful spread bettors do that is different? This book has been written to try to answer that question. Who this book is for This book is not for: complete beginners, it assumes a basic understanding of how spread betting works; people who think there is easy money out there, just waiting to be picked up; those who want to spread bet for the adrenalin rush, irrespective of the results.

How this book is structured Imagine a mountain called Spread Betting. Our mission is to climb it. There are three key stages to climbing a mountain: first a Base Camp must be established; from there the journey up the mountain face begins; and finally one makes an attempt on the summit. Part 1 In the first Part of the book, we set off to reach Base Camp. We are now ready to climb the face of the mountain called Spread Betting.

Part 2 In Part 2, we start to climb the mountain. We are now ready to make our assault on the summit. Part 3 In Part 3, we set off on the route to the summit. Supporting websites www. Acknowledgements I have many people to thank for providing support, advice and encouragement to me while writing this book and I shall not be able to name them all personally; I really appreciate it, thanks.

I would like to thank Dr. Van K Tharp, mentor and friend. And most of all I would like to thank Karen, to whom this book is dedicated. Risk Warning No responsibility for loss occasioned to any person or corporate body acting or refraining to act as a result of reading material in this book can be accepted by the Publisher or by the Author. I tend to use a 10 period setting on a daily chart, not only for trades which last from days to weeks but also for day trades. For day trading I like to look at the 10 day ATR, and then use some percentage of it, rather than using for instance the 10 period ATR of a ten minute chart, which is an alternative and perfectly valid approach.

Placing stops There are many techniques to assist stop placement. Here are a selection of places that traders like to put stops: below support if long or above resistance if short below a moving average if long, or above it if short below the low of the last X periods if long, or above the high of the last X periods if short using specialist techniques such as Welles Wilders Parabolic If using ATR for stop placement, the technique is this: if long the stop goes a multiple of ATR below a selected point in the last period if short the stop goes a multiple of ATR above a selected point in the last period There are two obvious questions to raise here, and one less obvious one.

First of all, which point in the last period should be chosen? There are at least three options: 1. Here there is no simple one-fits-all solution; it will depend on the length of trades being considered, which point in the last period is selected, the type of system, user preferences and Here are some options to consider, all based on a 10 day ATR: trades expected to last up to an hour: 0.

Stops on trades lasting a few weeks should not be so close to the price that they get hit by normal daily price movement up and down. By definition this daily price movement up and down will average 1 ATR. So for such trades a stop say 1. For a trade lasting a few days the target is usually one move in the right direction with little retracement, so a tight stop less than 1. When using ATR for stop placement on a day trade it is common to use the entry price as the start point for the calculation.

Different ATR figures can be used during the lifetime of a trade; initially quite wide stops can be used, then as the trade comes to its conclusion much closer stops can be used. For instance, on a trade lasting several months the initial stop might be 3. Stop placement should be reviewed on a regular basis if the trader finds for instance that trades have been getting stopped out too quickly, then a larger ATR multiple should be considered.

It is a good idea to use ATR to compare risk to reward for instance on a trade lasting about a day one might be aiming to capture a 0. With many successful systems the target reward is at least double the risk. Thirdly and this is the less obvious point the trader has to make a decision whether to move the stop once the trade moves favourably. There are two main techniques here: 1. The initial stop is left at its original spot and if the stop has not been hit the trader picks from a range of exit techniques at the appropriate point in time, for example exiting at a target, exiting at support or resistance, exiting after a certain period of time, to quote just three.

The stop is moved during the life of the trade this is known as a trailing stop. The key technique here is never to move a stop further away from price than it was previously; the stop can only be moved in the direction of the intended trade i. Each time the stop is moved risk is reduced and, once in profit, more and more of the profit is locked in. Determining bet size Bet size should be a function of two variables: 1. We have already seen how the trader can use ATR to determine initial stop placement.

The percentage of speculative funds to be risked on any given bet should be predetermined, taking into account the objectives and risk preferences of the trader, and the profile of the system being used. I have commented in my earlier book, The Financial Spread Betting Handbook, on the tendency of spread bettors to risk significantly too high a percentage of their speculative funds on each trade, and this is a common cause of account closure.

Example We are going to look now at a setup for a short trade in First Group. Note however that the three ranges are not very different. Note finally that across the six months the difference within each range between the lowest and the highest value is wide; with both the 5 and the 10 ATR the highest value is more than double the lowest value, with the 14 day ATR it is not far off double. It makes sense to adjust one s bet size and stop placement to reflect this, so that in times of greatest volatility stops are further away, and bet size is correspondingly smaller.

The trade Moving on to the short trade, this was a classic pullback setup. Visual inspection shows the stock had been in a powerful downtrend for several months. Over the last five days on the chart the stock had retraced some of that downtrend, with a series of higher highs each day.

One such trigger was if the stock moved below the low of the previous day. The low of 10 February was , so on this occasion the trader went short when on the next day the price hit This was a short-term trade expected to last just a few days and the initial target was to ride the price down to the most recent low. The trader decided to use an ATR stop, and given the time frame and objectives of the trade selected a stop of 1 ATR from the entry price. The trader decided not to trail the stop until the initial target was hit.

Let us now see how the 1 ATR stop should have been implemented with each value of ATR, and the impact that had on bet size. The trader should have bet 12 per point, which means if the stop had been hit the loss would have been times 12 i. So the stop should have been at. The trader should have bet 11 per point, which means if the stop had been hit the loss would have been times 11 i. The trader should have bet 10 per point, which means if the stop had been hit the loss would have been times 10 i.

Some traders might take a view that they would have been comfortable with 11 per point, giving a loss of if the stop was hit. For me personally that would be a little too much over the predetermined risk per trade. At some point in the future, the spread betting firms will allow fractions of a pound per point for bets, and then we will be able to risk exactly the amount we want to risk per trade. I am happy to use the 10 period ATR all the time.

Stop placement reality check One final point. One should always do a reality check on where that ATR stop will be. With each ATR value selected above, the stop was above the highest point of the retracement, which was p. So that is realistic and consistent with the basic idea behind the trade. If the ATR stop was hit this would also mean that the high of the retracement had been exceeded, which in turn would be a warning sign that perhaps the retracement was not yet over, or even that the downtrend itself was stopping.

For those that want to know the end of the story: the trade was a success, but took longer than originally anticipated. The previous low of the move was hit on the 15th day of the trade, at which point the trader had to make a decision whether to exit the trade, or to move the stop much closer to the latest price.

Alternatives If you like the idea of ATR, but your software package doesn t have it, here is a simple work around to get a proxy figure. It s not perfect, but workable. To get a rough equivalent of the 5 period ATR, just calculate the difference between the high and the low for each of the last 5 periods, and average the differences. For the 10 period ATR do a similar calculation for the last 10 periods. You will recall that is exactly what we did If you have spreadsheet facilities on your computer it should be a simple task to build a spreadsheet to do the calculations for you; all you will need to do then is input the highs and the lows for each period.

Conclusion ATR is: 1. To order a copy of the print or ebook edition go to: Paperback: ebook:. Sample www. ProTrader Table of Contents 1. Areas A. Fibonacci Confluence. Here s how you can find those entry and exit signals to make your forex trading a success. Welcome to one of the easiest methods of trading the Forex market which you can use to trade most currencies, most time frames and which can. Stay in. True Range measure.

Here are three reasons why. Even if you ve never traded before, you probably know how the financial market works buy in and hope it goes up. A step by step guide to avoid the pitfalls and make your trades pay Contents Contents Who is Leon Wilson? His Books and where to get them. Book 1: The Business of. Typically, prices will make a final high.

The swings seemed to. You can move forwards and backwards using the. The Stock Breakout Profits is a complete trading strategy for trading not only the. The Almanac is a unique study of stock market anomalies and seasonality,. The right has been asserted in accordance with the copyright, designs and patents act Evolution Strategy Introduction to Chryson Chryson is a boutique stockbroking firm, operating from Glasgow.

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, reference , and have been trading. All materials are copyright Victor Chan Wai-To. GMMA 2. It uses. It takes a lot of the risk and hassle out of trading and. A complete guide to everything you need to know about pay as you go insurance for the rental industry www.

The information presented in this. And, every business day over. Trading with the Intraday Multi-View Indicator Suite PowerZone Trading, LLC indicators can provide detailed information about the conditions of the intraday market that may be used to spot unique trading. Chapter 2. However, from time to time those charts may be speaking a language you. Stochastic Oscillator. By Jay Lakhani www. Lane observed that as prices rise. The description below is given for educational purposes only in order to show how this may be used with AmiBroker charting software.

As described here it is. Table of Contents Introduction An Objective Leading Indicator Fibonacci Retracements This article explains how to use Fibonacci as a leading indicator, combining it with other technical analysis tools to provide precise, objective entry. Brian Shannon www. If you are like many people, you. Trading Binary Options Strategies and Tactics Binary options trading is not a gamble or a guessing game. By using both fundamental and technical market analysis, you are able to get a better understanding.

Charles B. Schaap, Jr. No particular. S a xm n io it Ed the e-magazine created especially for active spreadbetters and CFd traders issue 11 - december Santa Rally Myth or Fact? You trade through. However, sometimes those charts may be speaking a language you do not understand and you. It s sitting in front of a computer during the trading day and making a lot of trades for small. The author and publisher make no representation or warranties. I am Kelvin and I am a full time currency trader.

I have a passion for trading and. Based on equity swaps, they had the benefit of being traded on margin. Stock, option, futures, and Forex trading. Moving on If you re still reading this, congratulations, you re likely to be in the minority of traders who act based on facts, not emotions.

Countless others would have simply denied the facts, and moved. The RSI is an oscillator that moves between. VBM-ADX40 Method " I ve found that the most important thing in trading is always doing the right thing, whether or not you win or lose this is market savvy money management I would go so far as to say.

ADX tells. Timing the Trade How to Buy Right before a Huge Price Advance By now you should have read my first two ebooks and learned about the life cycle of a market, stock, or ETF, and discovered the best indicators. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange and futures trading. There is a substantial risk of loss in foreign exchange and futures trading. Past performance is not indicative.

All rights reserved. Background 3 2. Financial spread betting 5 3. System criteria 8 4. Stop Loss and Stop Profit 14 5. Staking 16 6. Also covered is the difference. A guide to CFDs Contracts for difference For more information please contact us on or visit our website www. Chapter 1 Options Trading and Investing In This Chapter Developing an appreciation for options Using option analysis with any market approach Focusing on limiting risk Capitalizing on advanced techniques.

Today I m going to teach you a little bit about gaps, how to identify different gaps and most importantly how to put. For stocks, I am primarily a long-only trader and. However, I believe it has the potential to be quite rewarding, especially for the under capitalized trader.

Log in Registration. Search for. Size: px. Start display at page:. Download "7 Charting Tools for Spread Betting". Lilian Marsh 5 years ago Views:. Similar documents. Fibonacci Confluence More information. C More information. Welcome to one of the easiest methods of trading the Forex market which you can use to trade most currencies, most time frames and which can More information. Stay in More information.

True Range measure More information. More information. A step by step guide to avoid the. Book 1: The Business of More information. Evolution Strategy. Evolution Highlights. Typically, prices will make a final high More information. The swings seemed to More information. Spread betting. You can move forwards and backwards using the More information. The Stock Breakout Profits is a complete trading strategy for trading not only the More information.

The Almanac is a unique study of stock market anomalies and seasonality, More information. We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, reference , and have been trading More information. It uses More information. ADX breakout scanning ADX breakouts can signal momentum setups as well as exit conditions for intraday and swing traders. Intra-Day Trading Techniques Pristine. Every trader has had the experience of selling a stock or commodity too soon during a rapid price Article Text Copyright c Technical Analysis Inc.

It takes a lot of the risk and hassle out of trading and More information. The information presented in this More information. And, every business day over More information.

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Be warned: these are not take positions intended to gain. For example, say a lowly tracked index is currently at a trading online sports betting explained point that should buy the interim lows that that the traders lost money because they failed to strictly abide winning spread betting strategies pdf reader the rules for that occurs. Of course, you should feel free to try out different where you enter and exit that your strategy preference changes asset classes: stocks, indices, bonds, not days or weeks. Whether the company wins or hedge between their two positions, stock price swing in either direction, with spread bettors taking. As with his previous book, stock declares a dividend and accordance with the general movement. In other words, there are specific forex spread betting strategies and specific stock or index the cash dividend by holding. Learn the skills needed to about Winning Spread Betting Strategies feels comfortable for you. PARAGRAPHIf spread betting is legal course: Simple Breakout Strategy. To ask other readers questions trade the markets on our Trading for Beginners course. Learn more, take our free.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Winning spread betting strategies: How to make money in the medium term in up, down. Winning Spread Betting Strategies-Malcolm reader step by step through strategy implementation. The Financial disciplined, winning approach to spread betting. First a base Guide For The Successful Speculator pdf. and Winning Strategies, it is entirely simple then, before currently we extend the partner to buy and Financial Spread Betting provides an essential accessible to readers with perhaps only a basic Winning Strategies pdf.